Top Outdoor Activities To Enjoy With Dog

Our dogs love to walk in the fresh air, that’s why they get so excited when you reach for their leash or even whisper the word “walkie-talkies” in their ear. This love of nature is understandable, and our dogs are certainly not the only ones who need to immerse themselves in nature.

We humans do the same thing, whether it’s on the beach, in a nature reserve, in the woods or even on a walk around the city, we like to feel the sun falling on our backs. Let’s take a look at some of the best activities we can do with our dogs to share our mutual love of nature.

Treasure hunting and working with fragrances
Perhaps the most powerful tool in the arsenal of our dog, in addition to its chilling puppy eyes, is its sense of smell. They love all kinds of smells, from unpleasant to pleasant, but, as a rule, the worse the smell, the more likely they are to get stuck in it with their muzzle. You can create a fun backyard game with your dog using a working scent-finding technique that effectively uses her sniffing skills.

One easy way to engage them in a working game with the smell is to put six boxes in the backyard with the lids open while your dog is inside. Put a few treats in half of them, and then take the dog outside on a leash. Every time they discover a treat, compliment them without petting them to make sure it doesn’t interfere with their fulfillment.

When your dog gets used to the game, start closing some lids and even hiding boxes so that she has to make more effort to find these treats. While this is useful, it is important to note that this activity can be tiring for your dog, so we recommend limiting his playing time to about 10 minutes to give him the opportunity to rest.

Camping under the stars
There is nothing more “outdoor” than sleeping under the stars, and camping is one of the best ways to have a good time with your dog. You can even buy them their own puppy tent if they behave well, but a more naughty dog may not behave so well in his tent.

It just means that you enjoy their company all night long, which is ideal if you go camping during the coldest months of the year. Dog camping allows you and your dog to slow down and relax whenever you want, or go on an adventure in nature.

Here are a few things you can consider when going camping with your dog:

Foot protectors
Napkins for pets
Neck with backlight
Flea and tick care
GPS tracking

Hiking and hiking
Walking with a dog can become a little tedious and boring if you follow the same old routes, both for yourself and for your beloved friend. That’s why it’s great to start exploring nearby routes or even load up the car and find a place to walk.

When you take your dog out for a walk, make sure you are equipped and you will need to bring plenty of water and food for yourself and your dog. If your dog is small, a dog carrier backpack will allow her to feel comfortable when she needs to take a break from long walks.

It is also important that you do research before visiting any place with your dog. There may be certain times of the year when you are not allowed to visit your dog, or perhaps it needs to be tied to you, for example, in the spring and summer months, so as not to disturb wild animals nesting on the ground.

A walk through the woods can be very useful for your dog, as they can catch a lot of smells that make their noses twitch. They may want to wander through the thickets, but do your homework to understand the types of wildlife they may experience. Any peril animals or protected species in the area and you should always keep the dog on a leash.

Photographing in the wild
A walk through the woods and nature is the perfect time to capture your dog’s movements on video or photos. You can take a picture of them that will stay with you forever, as well as practice and hone your photographic skills.

As most dog owners are well aware, our pets don’t always behave like the ideal role models that we know they can be. This may make it difficult to find the perfect shot, but that’s part of the problem.

Award-winning wildlife cinematographer Alex Vale says: “I think you’ll learn more about light and composition just by experimenting with what works best. She adds: “Ideally, you need to develop your interest in composition through practice, so that when an incredible moment comes, you intuitively create it so that it looks beautiful.”Once you finally get that shot of your dog in action, all the practice will pay off and you’ll have an image worth showing the world.

Water games
Outdoor activities with your dog don’t require a cross-country walk to visit a national park, and your backyard works just as well. On sunny days, your dog will appreciate that you turn on the sprinklers and chase the bubbling water.

If you don’t have a sprinkler, you can encourage your dog to start doing water sports with a bucket of water and a few tennis balls. When they float on the surface of the water, your dog will try to catch them, but they will sway up and down, which will make the task a little more difficult.

All this helps to refresh your dog in the scorching summer heat, and also gives a lot of enjoyment to those who are watching her. You can even play more by throwing the ball into a shallow pool where your dog can jump after it.

Water-themed activities and swimming are a great way to stay active with your dog. This is especially effective if your dog has energy, but she is aging, and her joints are not what they used to be. Swimming is a low-impact activity, but it also requires the simultaneous work of many muscles. This becomes a great way to train your dog without putting it at risk of health-issue.

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